Who Is Sherisse Marie?


I’m your Personal Transformation Activator, Sherisse Marie,

And I know your struggle intimately – I desperately wanted to be the “with it” girl.

You know the one. She’s always perfectly put together and nothing more than a light breeze ever ruffles her feathers. She cooks like a dream, and everything is effortless and easy. It seems like she doesn’t have to do more than just think about something, and she gets it.

God, I had a love-hate relationship with her.

That was definitely NOT me. Not by a long shot. Instead, I was the “hot mess” gal. Maybe you can relate to her?

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A few of my media appearances and interviews. I'm in the process of adding some of the stuff I've done, so bear with me while I flesh this out a bit!

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A resource for some of my blog posts, articles, and various articles I have been quoted in. Feel free to browse through and click through to anything that catches your eye!


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