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Kickstart Your Shift For Free!

You know it's time to make the rest of your life better than yesterday - but how? It's time to:

  • reduce your stress levels,
  • stop your overwhelm, and
  • discover your true purpose in life (your bliss)

and the FREE resources in this section will get you started on that journey. Click through to find them.

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The Inner Circle ($35/mo)

Just imagine . . .

  • waking up every morning excited about your day,
  • feeling loved, cherished, and respected, and
  • having the confidence and courage to ask for what you want

The secret is to discover your worth, so you can't accept anything less. Learn more here!

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Heal Your Soul Workshop ($346)

Medical intuitive + powerful coaching = true SOUL HEALING. It's time to:

  • stop your self-sabotage & negative self-talk in its tracks,
  • collapse the turmoil & trauma timelines,
  • free yourself from guilt and self-blame, and more.

 Next workshop runs from February 24 to March 20.

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Clearing Disappointment ($7)

Are you filled with disappointment and regret over the past events of your life, and unable to move forward? It's time to release that cr*p and start again from an empowered, positive place.

Welcome to Clearing Disappointment, the small program with big results. This meditation and guidebook will allow you to clear your disappointments and heal your emotional hurts faster than you ever thought possible.

If you are ready to move forward, this is where to start!

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Hack Your Habits ($47)

It's time to HACK YOUR HABITS. It's time to:

  • make yourself a priority & start to feel passionate about your life again so you can find your work-life balance,
  • unplug, delegate & limit your time wasters so you can think more clearly, and
  • Be more productive & successful in all areas of your life (personal, business, social)

and discover how quickly and easily you can take control and live the life of your dreams!

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Amp Your Affirmations ($47)

Harness the power of your mind to get what you want. Create affirmations that allow you to:

  • work WITH your subconscious instead of against it
  • feel the effortless flow of truth in your words
  • be totally in sync with what you TRULY want from your life

Affirmations CAN work fast and easy - and you CAN use them to uplevel your life!

Learn how today.

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Lose The Emotional Weight FAST! ($47)

What if that extra weight you're carrying isn't about calories at all? Science has proven that in a lot of stubborn cases, it's not actually about the diet and exercise at all. Instead, it's all about our MINDS, and specifically our emotions.

This 3 video hypnosis series will help you shift your emotional weight easily and quickly, with zero drama, no drugs, safely and confidently.

It's time to finally discover what healthy living really means!

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Stop Smoking NOW! ($47)

You know it's time to finally stop smoking for good - for your health, for your wallet, for your loved ones, for YOU!

You just need some help. That's where my Stop Smoking NOW program comes in.

This 3 video hypnosis series will help you kick the habit easily and quickly, with zero drama, no drugs, safely and confidently.

Finally, kick the habit forever!

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Stressed Out To Blissed Out Group Coaching Program ($97/mo)

How different would your life be if you could:

  • have that work-life balance you dream of
  • feel confident that you could achieve your goals, both big and small
  • feel as put together as you appear
  • stop struggling so hard and find some clarity

If it's time to finally manage your stress & overwhelm, and just be happier, you're in the right place. Learn more and find my free teaching on AFFIRMATIONS here.

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Who Is Sherisse Marie?

I’m your Personal Transformation Activator, Sherisse Marie.

Women come to me when they’re ready to find their inner joy, balance their energies, and unveil their inner light. Together, we release them from their emotional, mental and spiritual prison, so they can gain the freedom to be their true selves. Here, you'll

  • learn about my journey to becoming a healer,
  • read my blog posts and articles, and
  • hear what it's like to work with me

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